DAYS OF LOT: 21-year-old woman seeking to have sex with 100,000 men

  • Thursday, Oct 10 2013

A young woman set a goal of having sex with one hundred thousand men, according to an interview on Earlier this year, a student in Warsaw, Poland, Ania Lisewska, made an unusual announcement, a decision that could contribute to a more progressive society. She wanted to sleep with 100,000 men across all countries of the world. The 21-year-old student has so far slept with one thousand men.

Not surprisingly, she has been prevented from entering countries like Iraq and Lebanon, but said she still has hope to be able to fulfill her dream. The following is an interview with Your mission could take forever. Do you expect to complete it? The end is far away but I am slowly making progress and everything is going to plan. It seems very demanding. What is your motivation? The project started to fight the taboo around sex, and if I can do something for this it will be a good achievement. I am motivated by the positive feedback I am receiving from my fans.


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